Oct 26 Car Accident near 9061 Randol Mill, Fort Worth, Tx

An accident in a parking lot.

Auto Accident near 9061 Randol Mill in Fort Worth

A white 2015 Ram and a 2020 Ford collided during a rainstorm Monday, Oct 26 at around 9:09 PM near 9061 Randol Mill Rd in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Police responded to the scene and did not assign blame to either driver in their report. The rain was the only contributing factor recorded. No one was injured.

Accident Details:

Date/Time: October, September 26th, 2020 at 9:09 PM

Fatalities: No fatalities were reported

Injuries: No injuries were reported.

Vehicles Involved: 2

Vehicle 1: White 2015 Ram

Vehicle 2: 2020 Ford

At Fault: Fault was not assigned to either driver

Location: 9061 Randol Mill, Fort Worth, Tx

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