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The State Capitol of South Carolina in Columbia

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We take the time to listen to all of the facts of your case and we can help you make a decision as to how to move forward. At Branch & Dhillon P.C. our clients work directly with a senior attorney from the day their case is assigned until it is resolved. Call our offices today and set up a free consultation. Remember you never pay a fee unless we are successful in obtaining a settlement for your injuries. Let us deal with the legal aspects of your injury while you recover physically.

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Residents of Columbia, SC need an advocate on their side if they are injured in a car accident. You may need a personal injury attorney if your infant suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice or you may have lost a loved one in a car accident, or due to a deliberate act of violence. If you have been injured, contact Branch & Dhillon.

About Columbia, South Carolina

The capital of South Carolina, Columbia has nearly 150,000 residents. These residents find a lot to do in this area and can enjoy the great weather year-round with the coldest weather typically occurring in December where it may get as cold as 35 degrees.

Landmarks and Places of Interest in Columbia, SC

South Carolina (USA) flag waving on the windColumbia has a wealth of parks, shopping centers, and stadiums for those who love sports. Some of the places you won’t want to miss include Koger Center for the Arts and Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.

Notable Columbia City Ordinances and Laws

Columbia SC requires all pets to be licensed. Also, breeding of animals is prohibited within the city limits. Like most other states, South Carolina has some interesting and outdated laws that have remained on the books including:

  • Residents are forbidden to keep horses in the bathtub
  • Train companies can be fined for scaring a horse
  • Residents are forbidden to fire missiles inside city limits
  • Sales of all items except light bulbs are forbidden

While these laws are not enforced, they do remain on the books.

Local Resources

These may be some good numbers to place into your cell phone if you live or travel in the Columbia SC area: