Rules of the Road: Understanding How to Share the Road with Motorcycles

A motorcycle lies on the road after being struck by a car.

When cars and motorcycles are on the road together, this can set up a bad dynamic when there is a collision. The rider of the motorcycle is virtually unprotected when hit by a motor vehicle, and it is up to both motorists to exercise caution. Learning how to share the road with motorcycles is essential. When you are at fault for a motorcycle accident, whether you are the motorcyclist or the driver of a car, you can face a personal injury lawsuit. To stay safe on the road and decrease your risks of getting into an accident with a motorcycle while driving a car, it’s important to learn how to share the road properly.

Motorcycles Follow the Same Road Rules as Cars

While motorcyclists may get frustrated and decide to go down a breakdown lane to get out of traffic, they aren’t supposed to. Motorcycles are subject to the same rules and regulations of all other motor vehicles on the road. In a traffic jam, watch out for frustrated drivers who are on a motorcycle. It can be difficult for the motorcycle rider, as the constant stopping and starting require more strength and agility than it does for the car driver. If you are getting tense, chances are a motorcycle rider is too. Give them enough space, and don’t try to block a rider who has chosen to go down the breakdown lane.

Look Carefully for Motorcycles

If you live in an area with frigid winters, you may get used to riding the roads without motorcycles around. When the weather gets warmer, remember that this is when motorcycles return to the roads. Look carefully before you make turns, and while you’re passing other vehicles on the highway. Use your common sense, and know that the better the weather, the more likely you will encounter a motorcyclist.

Keep Your Distance

It’s important to know that in general, motorcyclists react more quickly than car drivers. This means that you should increase the distance between you and the motorcycle to give yourself enough room if the motorcycle stops abruptly. When you are driving a larger vehicle, hitting a motorcycle rider from behind can be fatal.

Don’t Crowd a Motorcycle

Stay in your own lane when driving near a motorcycle, as they are just as entitled to the road as you are. While you may feel safe getting close to a motorcycle, especially in heavy traffic, this is not safe for you or the other driver.

When you are sharing the road with motorcycles, you need to stay even more vigilant. You should always avoid driving distracted, no matter who else is sharing the road with you. Pay attention to what you are doing, use your signals when you are turning, and take an extra look at your blind spots to ensure that you aren’t risking an accident with another moving vehicle.