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Expectant mothers take special care to find the best possible doctor to provide care during pregnancy with the expectation of a happy, healthy newborn baby. Unfortunately, one in five infants suffers an injury during birth; in many cases, these injuries are a result of poor care by medical staff during labor or delivery. While many birth problems resolve themselves over time, there are instances where a birth injury can result in a life-long problem. Unfortunately, in too many cases, birth injuries could have been avoided if a doctor had acted in a reasonable manner or been properly trained in various techniques.

When a Birth Injury Occurs at the Hospital

Vacuum extraction or use of forceps to aid in the birthing process is sometimes necessary when a baby is larger than expected or the mother is having difficulties completing the birthing process. Unfortunately, if the medical staff caring for the mother has not had adequate training on the use of these processes, the consequences can be very serious.

Caput succedaneum is a neonatal condition that manifests as swelling in the scalp of a newborn infant. Generally, this is caused by pressure in the birthing canal that causes swelling. While in of itself it is not always harmful, there can be complications including an increased risk of infant jaundice. This is not a serious condition, but increased pressure on the infant’s head could lead to other health problems and parents need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of other problems.

Subgaleal hemorrhage is a brain bleed and unfortunately can be lethal to a newborn infant. These injuries are normally associated with births involving vacuum extractions and are generally associated with oxygen deprivation and trauma which can lead to long-term health problems or death. Infants can develop cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and later in life may display signs of developmental and intellectual delays.

In nearly all cases, these types of problems can be prevented. If a mother is having difficulties with the birthing process, many physicians elect to perform a C-Section versus having the infant suffer additional trauma.

What Constitutes Negligence in Birth?

Doctors and other medical staff should be monitoring an expectant mother during the birthing process to identify any problems that are occurring. They are supposed to anticipate possible problems and be ready to act if there are indications of problems. When medical staff members fail to react and an infant suffers an injury due to that negligence, the hospital and medical personnel may be responsible.

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We understand not every birth injury is the result of negligence by a doctor nor is it always the fault of the hospital. However, if you believe you did not receive appropriate medical care and as a result, your infant suffered a birth injury, contact Branch & Dhillon, P.C. and we’ll review your case. We’ll review your medical records and help you determine if the injury could have been avoided with better care.