Amar Dhillon

Amar S. Dhillon, Arlington Tx Personal Injury Attorney

Amar S. Dhillon – Attorney at Law

Personal Injury Attorney in Arlington, Texas

Amar Dhillon grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. He was admitted to the Texas Bar in May 1999, the Washington D.C. Bar in 2003, and the Virginia Bar in 2005.

Preparatory Education

Texas A&M University-College Station (B.A., 1996)

Legal Education

Texas A&M University, School of Law at Texas Wesleyan University (J.D., December 1998)

Legal Practice

Amar started his legal career in 1999, in the Arlington office of Bailey & Galyen, P.C. He practiced personal injury litigation, family law, and immigration law. In 2004, he started the Branch & Dhillon office in Texas and in 2005 started the Dhillon Law Firm office in McLean, Virginia.

Amar is an expert in personal injury cases, especially in motor vehicle accidents. He has also successfully handled motorcycle and bicycle accidents, dog bites, food poisoning, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and pharmaceutical related injuries.