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A car that has flipped over.

What Is a Rollover Accident?

Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle loses balance and ends up rolling, usually landing on its hood. These accidents can lead to horrific injuries for the vehicle’s driver and passenger. If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. The dedicated car accident attorneys at Branch & Dhillon, P.C. can help you claim the compensation you deserve by helping you identify the liable party for your accident.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents can be caused by many different factors, including poor road conditions, vehicle design, and driver error. Here are these different factors in a bit more detail:

Vehicle Design

By design, cars have an aerodynamic build to be able to cut through the air. Simultaneously, the force of moving air pushes down on the car’s body to keep all wheels on the ground. Combined with the center of gravity, drivers and passengers are kept safe from the wind or a sudden change of force that pushes the car up off the ground. However, some cars are not as well-equipped to handle a change in force. For example, larger vehicles such as SUVs have a higher center of gravity due to their size. This makes it easier for them rollover when taking on sharp turns or hitting curbs at high speeds, and the car loses balance.

Weather Conditions

Inclement weather can make driving extremely hazardous. Strong winds can slam against the side of your car, causing it to swerve, or in the worst cases, rollover. Icy road conditions can cause people to lose control of their vehicles, leading them into a curb or guard-rail, resulting in the car losing balance and rolling over.

Driver Error

During slick road conditions, a car has the potential to slide. If a driver overcorrects the rotation or sliding of their car, he or she could potentially cause the vehicle to lose balance and flip over. In these situations, it’s best to remain calm and pump the breaks to ensure that the force stopping the car isn’t sudden, keeping the driver in control.


A picture of a gavel, a legal scale, and a car key.Hazards on the road, such as bumps, cracks, and potholes, can potentially trip up your vehicle. Tripping occurs when your vehicle’s forward motion meets with a stable object that disrupts it. This type of phenomenon occurs most often when the vehicle is driving at high-speeds and is unable to slow down. The force of hitting the obstacle can bring the front tires of the vehicle to a halt and cause the forward motion to flip the rear-end of the car.

To avoid tripping your car, it is best to maintain a safe speed when entering construction zones, roads that have bumps, and keeping within the speed limit.

What Vehicles Are Most at Risk for Rollover Accidents?

Typically, cars that are either extremely light or unbalanced have the highest risk of flipping/rolling over during an accident.

Lighter cars include sports cars and smart cars. Less weight keeping the tires pressed onto the ground makes it easier to disrupt the forward motion of the car when another force, such as strong winds or a pothole.

Unbalanced Vehicles such as 18-wheelers, utility vehicles, and SUVs that have a higher center of gravity may be top-heavy. This makes them unbalanced when taking sharp turns. If the turn is taken too quickly, the unbalanced car may tilt too far to one side and rollover.

What To Do After a Rollover Accident

Don’t panic and stay calm. Panicking makes it harder for you to assess the situation and take the necessary course of action. Are you hurt? Can you exit the vehicle without causing harm to yourself? Are the others in your vehicle harmed? Can they safely exit the vehicle either by themselves or with assistance?

If you are unable to safely exit a rollover vehicle, it is important to stay where you are. Try communicating with others in your vehicle, as this can help you remain calm. If you can, call for help and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

If you can safely exit the vehicle, it is imperative that you do so. Go to a safe location and call emergency personnel. It is okay if you are confused about the situation or where you are, as emergency responders will be able to track your call with very little information. If you can, help anyone else out of the vehicle and then wait for emergency responders to arrive on the scene.

If there are no apparent injuries, you still need to seek medical attention. Sometimes, adrenaline can mask the pain of underlying injuries. Don’t wait to feel something before you get checked out, as moving around could make these injuries worse.

Contact the professional car accident attorneys at Branch & Dhillon, P.C. We can help you claim compensation after a car accident if the accident was caused by design flaws or hazardous conditions that could have been prevented.

When Can I Claim Compensation for a Rollover Accident?

Not all rollover accidents are caused by driver error. If your accident was caused by any of the following, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages and medical expenses:

Evening traffic on a Texas HighwayDesign Flaws can cause rollover accidents to occur. Faulty tires that hinder the movement of the vehicle and poor car body designs can leave your car with a higher chance of rolling over. Branch & Dhillon, P.C. can help you claim compensation under the product liability doctrine of civil law. Contact our team today for more information.

Premises Liability can come into play for a rollover accident when road conditions are poor due to construction. Construction companies must section off unsafe parts of the road to keep drivers from driving in hazardous conditions. If a construction company fails in its duty to keep drivers on the road safe from a section they are working on, they may be held liable for an accident that occurs in those areas.

Rollover Accident Attorneys

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