What is Informed Consent?

A gavel with a stack of legal books in the background, beside the words "Informed Consent"

When a doctor sees you in an office or hospital, he or she has certain obligations to fulfill to you. Since you’re trusting your life, health, and well-being to that doctor, misconduct on the doctor’s part is extremely unacceptable. One important obligation that a doctor has to you is making sure that you are fully […]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Process – South Carolina

A woman with her arm in a cast stands beside the words "South Carolina Lawsuit Process"

If you have been injured in South Carolina, you may be thinking about filing a lawsuit. If so, you may wonder what the lawsuit process is like. Once you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will take care of the process for you. To keep you informed along the way, here is what the typical personal […]

What to Do after a Car Accident – South Carolina

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No matter how responsible a driver you are, you’re likely to find yourself in a traffic accident at least once or twice. In fact, the average driver is involved in a crash on three occasions in his or her lifetime. The first few moments after a car accident are terrifying. You experience a quick rush of emotions — […]

Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents in Public Places

A wet floor sign sits on a floor beside the words "Premises Liability: Slipping on Wet Floors"

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls lead to eight million hospital visits every year. Often, slip and fall accidents occur in public places, where the victim is not to blame for his or her suffering. Wet floors are an especially common source of danger, leading to hip fractures, concussions, and a variety of other […]

South Carolina’s 9 Strangest Laws

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Every state has some goofy laws — old rules that were put on the books a hundred years ago that nobody ever bothered to cross off the list. They’re a window to an earlier time when people had different concerns, like boomerang attacks. Here are some of the weird ones from South Carolina: 1. Tattoos […]

Alcohol & Social Host Responsibility in South Carolina

background of car wreck with the words When Is A Social Host Responsible For Alcohol Related Accidents in South Carolina?

What Does Dram Shop Mean? The term “dram shop” over time in South Carolina and other jurisdictions has been used to generally describe the area of law connected to liability regarding the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol. When alcohol-related accidents occur in South Carolina, the establishments that served the drinks may share responsibility for […]