What Can I Do if I’ve Been Hurt on My Motorcycle?

Motorcycle wreck involving a car

Motorcycle accident and injury cases are widespread, and it’s important to understand your legal rights before disaster strikes. If you ride a motorcycle, it’s a good idea to understand how to conduct yourself after a crash—and after you’ve sustained injuries. If you’ve been hurt on your motorcycle, make sure you take the following steps. Get […]

Alcohol & Social Host Responsibility in South Carolina

background of car wreck with the words When Is A Social Host Responsible For Alcohol Related Accidents in South Carolina?

What Does Dram Shop Mean? The term “dram shop” over time in South Carolina and other jurisdictions has been used to generally describe the area of law connected to liability regarding the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol. When alcohol-related accidents occur in South Carolina, the establishments that served the drinks may share responsibility for […]

Birth Injury or Birth Defect: When Can a Parent Sue?

Pregnant woman touching her belly with hands

According to government reports, well over 100,000 potentially preventable injuries will happen to mothers and their babies during childbirth in a year. If you or your baby experience such an injury, you’ll be asking questions. What occurred and why? Did something go unnoticed during pregnancy that a doctor should have noted? Or the hospital staff might […]