Birth Injury or Birth Defect: When Can a Parent Sue?

Pregnant woman touching her belly with hands

According to government reports, well over 100,000 potentially preventable injuries will happen to mothers and their babies during childbirth in a year. If you or your baby experience such an injury, you’ll be asking questions. What occurred and why? Did something go unnoticed during pregnancy that a doctor should have noted? Or the hospital staff might […]

He Told The ICE Agent What He Had In the Bottle was Juice. What Happened Next is Unthinkable

Border patrol officers make teenager drink liquid meth

Teenagers often make poor decisions. Adults should have enough sense to protect teens from doing something potentially deadly. That was not the case with two United States Custom and Border Protection officers four years ago, who basically caused the death of a 16 year old boy attempting to bring liquid methamphetamine into the United States. The teen […]