What Is Standard of Care?

A doctor comforting a patient with the words, what is standard of care?

When you’re sick, you trust in doctors and nurses to solve your ailment. However, when a healthcare professional fails to follow the standard of care, leading to a worsening condition or a new injury, medical malpractice may have occurred. In order to prove that your new ailment or worsening condition is due to the negligence […]

South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

A rear-end collision with the words, car accident statistics for South Carolina.

Car accidents are traumatic events that happen every day in the United States. From major damage to the vehicles involved to serious injuries and possibly death, these accidents create a lot of destruction. Most of the negative effects of car accidents take years to fully recover from. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that […]

What Is Defensive Medicine?

A doctor has his arms crossed with patients in the background along with the words, what is defensive medicine.

In the healthcare world, a judgment of medical malpractice can ruin a doctor or nurse’s entire career. The anxiety and stress of a potential lawsuit have many doctors practicing what is known as defensive medicine. Defensive medicine is a practice that focuses more on preventing a lawsuit than helping the patient. This can lead to […]

Ten Most Attractive Nuisances

A gavel on a desk with the words, ten most attractive nuisances.

Children are unable to see the potential dangers of going near certain equipment and areas. Swimming pools, railroads, and farm equipment pique a child’s curiosity and draw them in like a moth to the flame. Attractive Nuisance laws were passed in order to place the responsibility on homeowners and business owners alike to build protective […]

What Is a Car Accident Deposition?

Two people are looking distraught over their car accident, with the words "what is a car accident deposition."

Car accidents are stressful, confusing, and traumatic experiences to go through. They happen in a matter of seconds and leave both parties feeling jolted and out of sorts. In the aftermath of an accident, those affected may be searching for monetary compensation for damages and medical expenses. In order to create a justice system in […]

DFW Car Accident Statistics

Two cars are involved in a head-on collision with the words, car accident statistics for DFW

The state of Texas has become notorious for its car accidents. In 2017, there wasn’t a single day without at least one death caused by an accident. The death toll for that year was 3,721, meaning that there were approximately 1.36 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is one of […]