Sexual Assault at Work Laws in Texas

A man grabbing a woman

On September 1st, 2021, the Texas legislature passed a new law that expanded the legal definition of sexual harassment and heightened the standard of an employer’s response to complaints. It also placed greater responsibility on individuals, rather than just companies, for failing to address sexual harassment claims. All employees in Texas have a right to […]

What to Do If You Are In an Uber or Lyft Accident?

A rideshare sign with the words, ride share accidents in Texas.

More and more individuals are using rideshare apps to get them where they need to go. Whether they are taking advantage of Uber or Lyft to get to job interviews or training, or using them to get to a baseball game or a dinner party, these companies have transformed the way we travel. However, with […]

Comparative Negligence Laws in Texas

A legal scale and a gavel with the words, "comparative negligence laws in Texas."

Personal injuries frequently occur across the state of Texas. Whether caused by slipping and falling or a car collision, the resulting injuries cause pain, suffering, and often long recovery times. Most of these accidents are the result of poor decisions, unsafe working conditions, or blatant disregard for another person’s safety. While accidents can often be […]

My Airbags Didn’t Deploy, Can I Sue?

A close-up of a steering wheel with the words, can I sue for faulty airbags?

Safety features have become more advanced in the car industry. From backup cameras to lane assistance, car designers and manufacturers have made safety one of the highest priorities in their designs. But despite all of these safety features, accidents will still occur. When you are in an accident, you expect to be protected by the […]

What Happens If a Car Hits a Pedestrian

A doctor looking at an x-ray machine with the words, "what happens if a car hits a pedestrian?"

On a bright and sunny afternoon, you decide to walk down the street to the local supermarket to pick up what you need for dinner. As you set off, you walk on the sidewalk, facing oncoming traffic. However, while there are sidewalks throughout your neighborhood, you reach a stretch where the sidewalk is being repaired. […]

I Was Misdiagnosed; Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

An individual working out with the words, "why you need a personal injury attorney if you were injured at the gym."

A doctor’s job is to diagnose and treat patients adequately with the goal of improving their condition. While many doctors do their jobs excellently, incorrect diagnoses and other mistakes do happen. Misdiagnosis can lead to improper treatment, resulting in serious complications, a worsening condition, permanent harm to one’s health, and even death. While there are […]

How to Prove Lost Wages in a Car Accident Case

A lady looking distraught at a car accident with the words, lost wages in a car accident.

You are driving home after a long day of work, ready to just get home and relax for the evening. All of a sudden, as you are going through an intersection, a car that failed to heed its red light slams into the side of your vehicle. Due to this accident, you sustained some pretty […]