Ricky Stephens

Professional headshot of claims manager Ricky Stephens

Ricky Stephens – Claims Manager, IT, and Human Resources

Claims Manager in Arlington, Texas

Ricky Stephens studied business management at Tarrant County College. Before working at Branch & Dhillon, Ricky worked with Bailey & Galyen for 17 years, gaining valuable experience that has helped Branch & Dhillon, P.C. grow into the powerhouse law firm that it has become today.


Ricky has 27 years of experience working in the personal injury field. He also has experience working as a property & casualty adjuster and has multiple certifications, such as a Computer Literacy Certification and a Property & Casualty Certification.

Branch & Dhillon, P.C.

Ricky works hard to ensure that those injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence receive the proper aid they need to help get their life back in order. He negotiates and facilitates the settlement and closure of prelitigation insurance claims under the direct supervision of the supervising attorney. He also assists the litigation attorney in the closure of all settled litigation cases.  He also handles the firm’s IT issues to ensure that the entire team is running strong, and addresses many human resource issues. At Branch & Dhillon, P.C., Ricky Stephens is a man of many talents.

Ricky Stephen’s Passion

Ricky loves working with people and wants to lend a hand to those who need it most. When it comes to working at the law firm, his drive for helping individuals whose lives have been disrupted and altered due to a major trauma keeps him working hard until the job is done. His main concern is helping these individuals get their lives back on track.

When he is not working at the law firm, Ricky spends his time with his family. He loves fishing, skiing, and when they can soak up the sun at the beach with his dogs and family.

The Team That Will Fight for You

No matter what kind of case comes our way, we work together to ensure that the client is first, and foremost, taken care of. With a team made of incredible people such as Ricky, it is no wonder that more and more individuals place their trust in Branch & Dhillon, P.C.