4 Tips for Safely Navigating Around AT&T Stadium on Game Day

A Traffic Jam on the Road to AT&T Stadium on Game Day

As you excitedly plan your trip to the next big game day at the AT&T Stadium, you may inadvertently skip over the travel portion of the planning process. To ensure your game day goes off without a hitch, it is important to carefully consider how you will get there and back safely. If you choose to drive, you can avoid troublesome complications by utilizing these four tips for safely navigating to and from the stadium.

Carpool with Friends

Plan to carpool with friends to avoid having to walk or take shuttles alone, especially after dark. While carpooling, you can take a high-occupancy vehicle, or HOV, lanes to your destination, which will help speed up your travel times considerably. You can also focus on safely piloting the vehicle while one of your friends acts as your navigator.

Leave Extra Early

Traffic tends to be extra heavy on game day due to the lack of public transportation routes going directly to the stadium. Instead, fans tend to drive themselves, take private cabs or park far away and shuttle into the vicinity of the stadium. All of these tactics result in heavy traffic at least a mile around the stadium grounds. Consider planning an early tailgating party to arrive onsite extra early while still enjoying your time before the game starts. Otherwise, simply leave about an hour earlier than usual to give yourself enough time to reach your seats before the game starts.

Be Wary of Parking Problems

Look up your ideal parking lots ahead of time to avoid falling victim to costly lot scams or mistakes. Individuals posing as official lot attendants can collect your money and leave soon afterward, resulting in your car getting impounded while you are at the game. Upon returning, you will be on the hook for the travel expenses and impound fees required for the retrieval of your vehicle. Lot attendants could also inadvertently direct you to park in an unauthorized spot, resulting in the same costly consequences. If you know where to park ahead of time, you can avoid these situations.

Understand Your Route

Avoid relying on in-car or phone-based navigation systems for your trip to the stadium. Look up your route ahead of time to know which major roads you will travel down to arrive at your preferred stadium parking lot. Take the time to understand how the roads connect to each other to avoid confusion, as police officers usually block roads and redirect traffic to prevent total gridlock. Once you arrive near the stadium, remember to follow the officer’s’ directions to navigate to the parking lot.

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