How To Reduce Dog Aggression and Avoid Legal Problems

A trainer works with a police dog in a field

Never take the responsibility of being a dog owner lightly. Your pet depends on you to keep it safe. After all, dogs live in a world dominated by humans. Animals must abide by our rules or suffer the consequences.

In particular, overly aggressive dogs are coming under increased scrutiny across the country. An owner who fails to curb this aggressive behavior can be held liable for any harm caused by their dog.

To help you avoid getting into such trouble, the following is some important information you need to know about aggressive dog behavior and how to avoid a “violent animal” lawsuit.

Dog Aggression

If you notice any aggressive tendencies in your pet, take action immediately. Waiting can lead to problems. A neighbor or guest might get bitten in the interim. The authorities can even take your dog away pending an investigation. If things really go badly, you could even be wind up paying for the medical bills and lost wages of the victim.

Reducing Dog Aggression

Reducing dog aggression can be handled in various ways:

1. Attend Obedience Training

Many people enroll their dogs in obedience classes. The pet learns how to socialize with other animals and people.

You want to make sure that the school spends a fair amount of time teaching your dog how to behave around small children.

Some dogs are calm around adults but can become agitated when among children. They may not comprehend the seemingly erratic behavior of toddlers, for example.

2. Play Nicely

You should also avoid aggressive play. A dog may not be able to understand the difference between a game and reality.

Constantly roughhousing with your dog may lead it to believe aggressive behavior is the norm. Then, when the dog gets violent with someone, you could be in a serious legal situation.

3. Perform a Medical Procedure

Last, if necessary, you may have to spay or neuter the dog. This process stops the reproductive abilities, which can make animals more docile.

Avoiding Liability

You must take steps to avoid being blamed if a situation occurs where your pet gets out of line.

1. Fencing

First, putting up a fence comes highly recommended. This boundary will make the animal feel more secure. They will know that outsiders cannot get inside the yard.

Moreover, anyone who does somehow wander within the fenced area will have a difficult time explaining to the court how you should be held liable for any attack.

2. Warning Signs

Along with the fencing, be sure to place warning signs in conspicuous places. Let visitors know that you have a dog on the property and to take appropriate caution.

Keep Your Dog Out of Legal Trouble

You never want someone to file a vicious dog report. Your beloved pet could then be removed from the home. Avoid getting into trouble by assessing your dog for aggressive tendencies and using the steps above to help mitigate them.

You should also consult with an experienced dog bite lawyer for further advice about protecting your pet from legal problems.