Five Critical Things to do After an Auto Accident

Cartoon image of two cars crashing with text 5 critical things to do after an auto accident

Anybody that drives a motor vehicle could be injured in a car accident through no fault of their own. Those victims will need to preserve and protect their right to full and fair compensation. Here are five ways of doing that.

Call the Police

For any number of reasons, the person who caused the crash might ask you not to call the police. Never agree to that. You have the right to have the accident investigated and the right to a copy of the police report. In the person who was at fault didn’t have any insurance, your insurer might not even step in and cover you without a police report. If anybody at the scene suffered a personal injury, ask for paramedics too when you call 911.

Get to an Emergency Room Immediately

If you’re the party who is injured in an accident, get to an emergency room right away. Since paramedics have been called, they will assess you and document any obvious injuries. It’s best to be transported to the emergency room by paramedics. Emergency room personnel will further document your injuries, and important medical records needed for your treatment and legal case in the future will be made. Follow all emergency room instructions, and see your doctor as soon as possible.

Attend all Medical Appointments

The insurer of the person who caused the crash will be entitled to review all medical records in connection with the care and treatment of your injuries. The records will assist it in evaluating the nature and extent of your injuries. Follow all instructions from your healthcare providers.

Keep Your Records Clean

Don’t miss any medical appointments. You don’t want to open yourself up to allegations of faking or malingering. Attacking a claimant’s credibility is a common defense tactic after all else fails. Do everything that your healthcare providers tell you to do.

Never Give a Statement to the Opposing Insurer

An adjuster from the opposing insurance company might contact you “just to see how you’re getting along,” and then he or she will ask for a recorded statement. Never give an opposing insurer any oral, written or recorded statement. There’s no law requiring you to give that statement or help the defense with its case. Your statement will only be used against you to attack your credibility in the future.

How Our Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Preserve and protect your rights. Important evidence can get lost or destroyed, and witnesses might disappear. Our objective is to maximize your financial recovery by obtaining full and fair compensation for you. The experienced lawyers at Branch & Dhillon, P.C. will help you get the compensation you deserve after the accident. Contact our office today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. You don’t need a penny in your pocket to see us. That’s because we don’t even get paid unless we obtain compensation for you.

Infographic with car accident images and 5 tips for what to do after an auto accident