Wet Floor Sign Guidelines: Do I Have a Slip & Fall Case?

A mop and bucket beside a wet floor sign on a wood floor, along with the words "Wet Floor Sign Guidelines"

If you slip and fall on a wet floor, it can lead to serious injuries. These kinds of injuries are unfortunately common on commercial properties. When you get injured in a slip and fall accident, you may wonder if you have the right to compensation for your injuries. This question often revolves around whether or […]

Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents in Public Places

A wet floor sign sits on a floor beside the words "Premises Liability: Slipping on Wet Floors"

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls lead to eight million hospital visits every year. Often, slip and fall accidents occur in public places, where the victim is not to blame for his or her suffering. Wet floors are an especially common source of danger, leading to hip fractures, concussions, and a variety of other […]

I Slipped and Fell—Should I Be Compensated for My Injury?

A man slips on a wet floor and falls on his back

If you have slipped and fallen on a commercial property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. These are so-called “slip and fall” claims, which are based on a theory of premises liability. Businesses have a duty to keep their premises safe for customers and others that are invited onto the property. This […]