What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Premises Liability

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Business owners have a lot on their plate. From protecting their IT infrastructure to ensuring that their business is well-stocked to meet customer demand, the failure to perform can spell disaster. However, these losses pale in comparison to the monetary and reputation loss that comes with a premises liability lawsuit. Making sure that your business is safe for your customers and employees is essential for avoiding a premises liability lawsuit. Taking the following considerations can help keep you and your business safe from a lawsuit.

Understanding Premises Liability

Premises liability was created to ensure that any individual who steps into your business is safe from an injury that could have been avoided. Negligent accidents can include anything from a customer slipping on a wet floor to being hit by objects falling from a shelf that wasn’t stocked properly. When accidents like these occur, the business can be held liable for their negligence, should the injured party seek compensation for their injuries.

What Is the Most Common Premises Liability Claim?

When it comes to premises liability cases, slip-and-fall accidents are the most common. An individual might have slipped on a wet floor, ice on the business’s property, or because of a loose stair railing. These cases can cost a business a lot of time and money.

How Can Texas Businesses Keep Their Property Safe for Customers?

In the state of Texas, business owners are required to keep their property free from any dangers to visitors. One of the best ways to ensure that your business is safe for your guests is to maintain the property. This helps prevent issues such as gaping holes in the floor, uneven surfaces, and broken stair railings.

Maintenance is an essential, ongoing process. If you allow your business to fall into disrepair, it poses a major safety risk to the public and puts you in danger of facing a premises liability lawsuit.

Other considerations that need to be taken into account to keep your business safe are:

  • Stairs should be clearly marked.
  • Railings should be secure on both inclines and stairs.
  • All walkways should be made with even non-slip surfaces, protecting individuals.
  • If it has snowed or there is a chance that outdoor walkways froze over, make sure you clear the walkways or and put salt down on slick surfaces.
  • Always place wet floor signs down when there is a spill or an employee is mopping the floor.
  • Make sure there are no exposed wires that could lead to electrocution or create a tripping hazard.
  • All exits and emergency exits should be properly marked and not obstructed in case of an emergency.

Securing Your Business From Third-Party Threats

While maintenance can help protect from a premises liability lawsuit, proper outdoor and parking lot lighting and security can help increase the safety of your customers. Lighting and security for your business can help prevent crime from a third-party, protecting your customers and employees from undue harm.

If your business is located in an area with a high crime rate, establishing extra security measures like employing a security guard and installing security cameras might be necessary. If your business fails to make its outdoor areas safe for your customers, a premises liability lawsuit could establish that your business was negligent in terms of its security.

What If I Was Injured on a Business Property

If you were injured at a business due to the negligence of the owner or staff, you may be eligible for monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. The dedicated attorneys at Branch & Dhillon, P.C. can help! Contact our team to review your case in our free no-obligation consultation. When you team up with Branch & Dhillon, you are teaming up with an Arlington, Texas, go-to team for all personal injury, premises liability, and car accident cases.

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