Going Swimming This Summer? Stay Safe at the Pool

A no diving sign shows the pool is too shallow for diving

Spending time in a swimming pool can be a lot of fun, but there are risks to being in the water. To stay safe and also protect yourself from liability as much as possible, there are two basic things you need to do. Those are: make sure you discuss pool safety with your family and guests while providing a safe environment, and understand what you need to do if an accident happens and a person is injured. When you are clear about both of those issues, you can enjoy your pool much more and really appreciate everything that swimming and spending time in the water has to offer.

Staying Safe Around Swimming Pools

Being safe around the water means having a good environment, and it also means making sure you’re knowledgeable about pool safety. Your family and guests also need that knowledge, because they may not be as prepared to deal with swimming as you are. When people own swimming pools they can sometimes forget that others aren’t as certain about what to do and not do in and around the water. That’s why you need to make sure you talk with anyone who comes to swim in your pool, so you can protect them as much as possible. You want to keep them safe, and knowledge is a very powerful way to help do that.

Also be sure you provide adequate opportunities for them to get out of the water, such as steps or stable ladders. You want to have pool floats, too, so they can hold onto something while they swim. Not everyone is comfortable just being in the water, but having a small floatation device can really make a big difference for both safety and comfort. Watching children carefully and never leaving them unattended is also a vital part of swimming pool safety. Children can drown very quickly, so it’s important that there is always an adult with them to keep them safe.

What To Do When An Injury Occurs

If a swimming pool accident does occur, you want to seek medical attention for the injured person right away. That could involve calling 911 for true emergencies, and can also mean taking someone to the doctor or an urgent care facility. You may be able to take care of small injuries at home. It’s also important to be aware that some people who are injured may decide to file a lawsuit against you. This is especially common if there was a severe injury or if they feel that you were careless or negligent in some way.

If you have been injured in or around someone else’s swimming pool, filing a claim for compensation may be appropriate. An attorney at The Law Office of Branch & Dhillon, P.C. can help you determine if you need to file a claim, along with discussing the strength of your particular case. Getting treatment for your injury should certainly come first, but make sure you keep all medical bills and papers, so you have proper documentation when you come to see an attorney about your swimming pool injury claim.

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