Establishing Liability in Your Texas Personal Injury Claim

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Texas state law protects individuals who have been injured in an accident by allowing them to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. This lawsuit is aimed at getting financial compensation for medical costs and damages that were a result of the accident and the injury. The injured party has two years after the […]

Identifying Accidental Injuries That Can Impact Your Life

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While we all like to believe that we maintain a certain level of control over our lives, unforeseen accidents can occur at any time. Whether we make a misstep while distracted, our body is worn out from work, or another driver isn’t paying attention, we can go from being the picture of health to being […]

What are the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

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What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury? According to the Center for Disease Control, a traumatic brain injury is an injury to the brain that affects how it works. Traumatic brain injuries are a major cause of death or disability in the United States, claiming about 166 Americans per day.  Traumatic brain injuries may lead to long- […]

Different Types of Paralysis

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Major accidents can lead to major physical damage. When the accident results in severe brain injury or injury to the spine, the individual may be left paralyzed. The severity of paralysis depends on the accident and what area of the spinal cord was affected. Here is a rundown of the various types of paralysis and […]

Can I Be Compensated for Food Poisoning?

An evening out with your loved ones can quickly turn from a wonderful time to a nightmare when you become suddenly ill. Food poisoning is an unpleasant experience that has the potential to put someone in the hospital. While there are laws in place that set a standard on the sanitary conditions to grow, manufacture […]

What are the 3 Types of Product Liability?

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When the manufacturer of a product fails to uphold their responsibility to protect consumers, they can be held legally and financially responsible for the consequences. In such cases, victims can file a product liability claim against the party responsible in order to recover compensation for losses related to injuries and damage. There are three major types of […]

Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case

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If you have suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence, you will likely begin to wonder whether you will ever be able to get back to a normal life. Depending on the circumstances of the injury, you may have a viable personal injury claim against the responsible party. In order to recover personal injury damages, you will […]

What to Know When Your Child is Mistreated at School

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School should offer a child a safe, nurturing place. Sometimes, schools do not only lack safe, nurturing factors but actively mistreat a student. That was the case recently when a 7-year-old Dallas special needs student was handcuffed by police at school and brought to a mental health facility. The child was removed from his family […]