What Makes a Death a Wrongful Death?

A gavel is sitting near a white piece of legal paper on a desk. Underneath the gavel are the words, what makes a death wrongful.

Each year, tens of thousands of people die as a direct result of another’s actions. Medical malpractice and automobile accidents account for the majority of deaths, coming in at 90,000 and 45,000, respectively. What distinguishes a wrongful death is that it was due to someone’s negligence or intentional action. However, wrongful death cases are not always cut and dry. […]

What Makes a Tragedy a Wrongful Death?

A woman with white lily flowers and coffin at funeral in church

While every tragic death leaves survivors dealing with pain and loss, not every tragedy is a wrongful death. In a wrongful death, some person or entity is responsible for an individual’s demise. The deceased did not cause his or her death by their own actions or lack of actions. A family member may file a wrongful […]

He Told The ICE Agent What He Had In the Bottle was Juice. What Happened Next is Unthinkable

Border patrol officers make teenager drink liquid meth

Teenagers often make poor decisions. Adults should have enough sense to protect teens from doing something potentially deadly. That was not the case with two United States Custom and Border Protection officers four years ago, who basically caused the death of a 16 year old boy attempting to bring liquid methamphetamine into the United States. The teen […]

Wrongful Death: Understanding the Legal Definition

A gave, glasses, and pen sit atop a Document titled Wrongful Death

When people use the term ‘wrongful death,’ they may be using it in a way that doesn’t meet the legal definition. That’s common and understandable, but it can also cause problems when it comes to being aware of any issues that are faced in a legal context. In short, wrongful death means making a claim […]

What is Mesothelioma?

A medical book open to a chapter on Mesothelioma

Why is Mesothelioma Often Talked About in the Media? You hear about it all the time when watching or reading the news: someone is suing a company because they or a loved one was exposed to mesothelioma. There’s a reason that cases like these are so newsworthy. While this cancer is fatal, it’s also totally preventable. […]