The Aftermath of a Car Accident: What You Need To Know

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision

Most people don’t think about all the ways a car accident could affect them until after the crash. It’s better to be aware of the difficulties so you can prepare for them as best as you can. Once an accident occurs, it is often too late to address these kinds of things, so the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to handle any difficulties.

Time is Often a Big Factor

Unfortunately, a lot of people underestimate the time they spend dealing with issues after a car accident. Insurance concerns, getting the car repaired, going to medical appointments, and a host of other problems can mean hours and even days spent providing information, scheduling things, and trying to get answers. Allow yourself that time, and expect the aftermath of your accident to take more time than you would like.

The Injuries Can Be Severe

A lot of car accidents are minor fender benders that do not cause a lot of problems. However, some car accidents are very severe and lead to severe injuries and even death. Understand that recovering from injuries can take time. If someone is killed in the accident, there may be emotional and mental struggles for people to work through for months or even years afterward. Allow yourself the time to heal properly.

Emotional Health Issues and PTSD Considerations

In addition to the physical issues that a car accident causes, there are mental and emotional health issues that have to be dealt with. Having PTSD is common after a car accident, as you “relive” the crash in your head. Certain noises or smells may trigger a flashback to the accident for days, weeks, months or even years after it happens. With that in mind, working with a therapist and addressing the problem head-on can make it easier to process and allow you to work through it.

Insurance, Licenses, and Financial Worries Are Real

Whether you were at fault or not, there are still financial implications after a car accident. Deductibles have to be paid, and if you were at fault, you and your insurance company might be sued. There could be tickets and other fines you will need to pay, and your insurance might go up significantly. If you have a professional license such as a CDL, you run the risk of losing it, or you might have to spend a lot of money to keep it or get it back.

By contacting Branch & Dhillon, you will have a legal advocate on your side, which will make it easier to work through some of the issues surrounding a car accident so that you can heal in all aspects of your life.