South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

A rear-end collision with the words, car accident statistics for South Carolina.

Car accidents are traumatic events that happen every day in the United States. From major damage to the vehicles involved to serious injuries and possibly death, these accidents create a lot of destruction. Most of the negative effects of car accidents take years to fully recover from. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported that there were over 1,500 people killed in traffic accidents in South Carolina in 2017 alone. This is nearly double the national standard and concludes to a fatality rate of twenty accidents per 100,000 people. Here are the car accident statistics for South Carolina in 2017:

Rural Vs. Urban Accidents

In 2017, South Carolina had 687 of its fatal accidents occur in a rural area. Another 301 fatal accidents occurred in urban areas. Rural areas typically saw more fatal accidents due to winding roads, the delayed response time of emergency officials, and the higher speed limits posted on the road (this leads to reduced reaction time).


Seatbelts are extremely important for the protection of the driver and the passengers of the vehicle. It protects one from getting thrown from the car in the case of an accident. In 2017, South Carolina reported that 306 fatalities occurred due to the passenger or the driver of the car not wearing their seatbelts.

Causes of Major Accidents

The below statistics from the National Highway and Safety Administration are sectioned under the three major causes of accidents: Driving under the influence, Speeding, and Distracted Driving. These statistics are being shared in hopes to spark action against these common causes of vehicle crashes and reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence, whether from drugs or alcohol, resulted in 313 fatal accidents in South Carolina. This is ⅓ of all traffic-related deaths in the state.


Two Cars show considerable damage after one broadsides the otherSpeeding, either from the result of a collision by running through a red-light or from rear-ending someone, resulted in ⅓ of all traffic-related deaths in South Carolina in 2017. A total of 361 people were killed due to an accident caused by the speeding of at least one of the drivers involved in the crash.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, whether from texting, eating food, or correcting a child in the back seat, killed 3,450 people in the year of 2017. Another 391,000 people were injured from accidents resulting from one or more of the drivers’ distracted driving. Distracted driving laws are being more regularly enforced in the states, as cell phone use in the car is now either restricted or completely banned.

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