What Is Defensive Medicine?

A doctor has his arms crossed with patients in the background along with the words, what is defensive medicine.

In the healthcare world, a judgment of medical malpractice can ruin a doctor or nurse’s entire career. The anxiety and stress of a potential lawsuit have many doctors practicing what is known as defensive medicine. Defensive medicine is a practice that focuses more on preventing a lawsuit than helping the patient. This can lead to […]

What are the Most Common Medical Errors?

A gavel beside a stethoscope on a desk under the words most common medical errors

When medical professionals make errors, these mistakes can often have life-altering (or even life-ending) consequences. Studies indicate that around 250,000 people in the U.S. die each year as a direct result of medical errors, while millions more are injured or made ill by drug-related mistakes. If you suspect that you are among these numbers, you may have […]

What is Medical Malpractice?

A stethoscope wrapped around a gavel beside the words "Reporting Medical Malpractice"

When you visit a doctor or hospital, you are placing your life in the hands of the medical staff that attend to you. You deserve to be safe in their hands and not worry about getting a misdiagnosis or improper care. However, sometimes mistreatment and improper care are exactly what you get. If you are […]

What is Informed Consent?

A gavel with a stack of legal books in the background, beside the words "Informed Consent"

When a doctor sees you in an office or hospital, he or she has certain obligations to fulfill to you. Since you’re trusting your life, health, and well-being to that doctor, misconduct on the doctor’s part is extremely unacceptable. One important obligation that a doctor has to you is making sure that you are fully […]