Most Common Mechanical Problems that Lead to Car Accidents

A man is looking distressed at his car engine with the words, car mechanical problems.

Cars are complex machines with many moving parts. When one of these parts fails, it can lead to a terrible car accident. Whether the failure is due to poor maintenance or a manufacturing error, the ensuing wreck often leads to other drivers getting seriously injured. Here is a detailed look at the most common mechanical problems that […]

What are the Most Common Types of Vehicle Collisions?

A blue-gray car that has T-boned a red car under the words common types of vehicle collisions

Anyone can be involved in an accident, regardless of whether he or she is a safe driver; however, there are certain situations in which crashes are more likely to occur. Here are the most common types of vehicle collisions: 1. Head-On Collisions One of the most common types of auto accidents is a head-on collision, which […]

What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

An orange caution triangle with a car wreck in the background and the words "Causes of Car Accidents"

If you are an average driver, you will be involved in a car crash about three to four times throughout your driving lifetime. Most of the vehicle accidents are likely to be someone else’s fault and are probably attributable to some of the following common causes: Distracted Driving Distracted driving – including driving while texting, eating, having a conversation, […]

How to Report a Hit and Run

Closeup of a road with skid marks and the words "Reporting a Hit and Run"

After a driver hits another vehicle, they make the terrible decision to flee the scene of the accident. However, their attempts to avoid paying for the damage and injuries they’ve caused usually fail; the only result in such a case is that they receive jail time in addition to owing damages. In Texas, this jail […]

What can I Do if my Child was Hurt in a School Bus Accident?

A country road with two school buses driving off into the distance beneath the words "School Bus Accidents"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined that school buses are 70x more likely to get children safely to school than cars. Despite this fact, thousands of children get hurt in school bus accidents each year. If your child was injured in a school bus accident, you might be able to bring litigation against […]

Drunk Driving in DFW: Number of Accidents per Year

Handcuffs, a glass of bourbon on the rocks, and car keys sit against a white background under the words "Drunk Driving in DFW"

With so many hazards and careless drivers on the road, it’s often dangerous to be on the road. Roads are made even more dangerous by the people who make the terrible decision to drive drunk. Those who make this reckless decision put their lives and the lives of everyone around them at risk. So just […]

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

A woman with a neck brace holds a piece of paper beside the words "Common Car Accident Injuries"

Every year, millions of Americans suffer severe injuries due to car crashes. According to the CDC, 3.9 million Americans visited the emergency room seeking auto accident injury treatment in 2010 and 2011. Hundreds of thousands were hospitalized. While car accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, the following are the most common: Traumatic Brain Injury Experts […]

If I Rear End Someone, Is It Always My Fault?

A toy car sits on a gavel base beside a gavel with scales in the background and the words "Rear End Collisions"

It is a common myth that when you rear-end someone, it is always your fault. It is easy to see why this would be the case, but it is not necessarily true. There are many instances in which rear-ending someone could be considered the other driver’s fault, but you may need to take some extra steps to […]

How to Make Car Accident Police Reports in Texas

A white car that has been in a car accident sits on the highway shoulder beside the words "Car Accident Police Reports"

If you are involved in a car accident in Texas resulting in property damage exceeding $1000, injuries, or death, you are obligated by Texas law to report the accident to the police within 10 days from the date of the collision. Consequences of failing to report a vehicle crash to law enforcement include a $5000 fine or […]

What to Know about Texas’ New Texting While Driving Law

Young woman using cell phone while driving car

Distracted driving accidents resulting from texting have risen nationwide. As of September 1, it’s illegal in Texas to text while driving. Texas was one of only a few states not to have already enacted such a ban. Governor Greg Abbott seeks even further limitations, as he wants to ensure county and local government cannot override […]